Output 1

Competence framework for research-related digital competences, critical digital literacy and digital teaching competences.

[Humboldt University of Berlin]

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Output 2

Teaching contents from the humanities, especially from linguistics, literature and language training. With focus on multilinguality and -perspectivity.

[University of Belgrade]

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Output 3

Teacher manuals on the use of the teaching kits, their adaptability and self learning materials on relevant digital skills for virtual cooperation.

[University of Wolverhampton]

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Output 4

Complete teaching kits for transnational virtual micro-cooperations including different input formats, teacher manuals and learning resources.

[UC Louvain]

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Output 5

An open platform to provide teachers with modularized teaching contents and enable them to use a growing network for new teaching cooperations.

[NGO Teach me]

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Output 6

A white paper with recommendations on open educational resources and virtual micro-cooperations as a new way to internationalisation

[University of Oslo]

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