Multiplier Event Granada

The University of Granada organised the multiplier event of the DIONE project
on 12 December 2022 at the venieces of the University of Malága.

15:30 – 16:30Presentation of the project DIONE
16:30 – 17:00What’s a microcollaboration?
17:30 – 19:00An example of microcollaboration. Teaching
methodologies: TBLT

In the first hour, the pillars of the project were addressed and the basic lines of
work and expected products were presented. Each of the intellectual outputs
were discussed with a special focus on intellectual outputs IO1 and IO2.
The concept of micro-collaboration was then explained and its potential to foster
internationalisation in a sustainable and accessible way for all European citizens
(inclusive for all social classes, people with disabilities, students who are
working…) was highlighted.

After the coffee break, we worked with the participants on an actual example of
micro-collaboration. Since most of the participants were foreign language
teachers (or teacher trainees), we decided to exemplify this part with the course “Teaching methodologies. TBLT”. The sessions of which it is composed were
presented and transnational groups were simulated (given the impossibility of
putting it into practice in a real-life situation, participants from different courses
were mixed in order to see how to work with people from varied backgrounds).

Attendees were able to see the usefulness of the concept of micro-collaboration
and the flexibility to introduce it into the subjects they teach (whether at
primary, secondary or university level).

The last fifteen minutes were devoted to reflecting on the concepts discussed at
the event and participants asked several questions, inquiring about how feasible
would be to implement it in their workplaces.


The event took place at the University of Malaga (Faculty of Education Sciences,
room 01). As advertised, the event could also be followed online.